StreamTime Live is an online, live-streaming company that provides 24/7 coverage of special interest hobbies and activities, tourism destinations, and other locations that appeal to viewers. The live streams from our cameras are broadcast on the StreamTime Live website (www.streamtimelive.com) and on our YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrtIIVfi-5tMlVXdMDzOMUA).

The primary purpose of our cameras is to entertain our viewers by enabling them to watch their favorite destinations and activities from the comfort of their home. On YouTube, viewers may also participate in the “live chat” that accompanies each stream.

Our cameras are not used to identify or observe individuals, nor to monitor the behavior of employees and visitors at the locations where they are installed. Some of our cameras are capable of panning, tilting and zooming. These are controlled by vetted operators adhering to the policies listed here.


StreamTime Live is solely responsible for the management of the cameras and the live streams on its website and YouTube. In general, the owners of the locations where they are installed have no ability to control the PTZ cameras (Pan, Tilt, Zoom), fix the cameras, or access the live streams except as viewers. Any complaints or suggestions about the cameras should be directed to StreamTime Live.


All of StreamTime Live‘s camera feeds will be available to the public, either through our website or on YouTube. In addition, there is a team of camera operators/chat moderators who monitor the feeds.

In some cases, the YouTube live streams are made available and embedded on that location’s website for promotional purposes.


Live Streams are recorded and stored for up to 30 days on StreamTime Live’s servers. On YouTube, the public can rewind up to 4 hours via YouTube’s native video player.

All of the cameras record audio. In locations where a camera might be able to pick up individual voices, a sign is prominently displayed on the premises notifying people of the existence and location of the camera, as well as advising them that conversations that occur in the vicinity of the camera may be heard live by those watching the video feed and recorded.

Clips of interesting moments from the live streams are edited and released as separate videos on our YouTube channel.

On occasion, recorded video is provided to law enforcement or to the management team of a location.

Duplication and distribution of StreamTime Live’s feeds by individuals or other entities is strictly prohibited without permission.

If you have any questions about our cameras or policies, please contact us at (502)715-1617