We are the first company to fully grasp the interest, the reach and the power of 24/7 Live Streaming. More importantly, we're the only company that knows how to unleash it for the benefit of viewers AND localities in an effective way.

- Mike Cyr, Owner

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What is StreamTimeLIVE?


StreamTimeLive is a new company, but with deep roots. An expansion of live-streaming provider Virtual Railfan — founded by two of our co-owners, Mike Cyr and Justin Cornell — StreamTimeLive will build on Virtual Railfan’s success in attracting millions of users to its 24/7 live streams of prime train viewing locations. Established in 2008 as a membership-based website, Virtual Railfan soared to new heights with the introduction of some of its live cams on YouTube in 2017. In less than a year, Virtual Railfan has nearly 112,000 subscribers and growing exponentially. And its website memberships have tripled because of the exposure.

With Virtual Railfan as a successful template, StreamTimeLive will apply and expand this business model across a number of other transportation modes with avid fan bases, such as boats, cruise lines, planes, trucks, buses and street cars. But the possibilities are endless – skiing, surfing, resorts, amusement and theme parks, dog parks, golf courses, bike trails, scenic locations, historical sites, etc. If people are interested in something, we can bring it to them 24/7! StreamTimeLive is also excited about the explosive potential of live event streaming.

In a nutshell, we believe we are positioning ourselves to be the frontrunners in the emerging market of live streaming that currently exists mostly in the gaming space and personal broadcasting. And a few nest cams…