Who We Are

StreamTimeLIVE provides in-house, soup-to-nuts service to our clients, and the best live streaming experience on the internet to our viewers. Our strength lies in the team’s diverse professional experience in video production, live streaming, equipment development and installation, website and graphic design, event planning and production, and branding and marketing. But we are even stronger because so many of those skills intersect and are duplicated across the team.

From location selection to final adjustments,  we work tirelessly to ensure we deliver the very best products to our viewers. We’re always updating, upgrading and staying ahead of the curve when it comes to the latest technology.  There is no challenge too great, no idea too small, and no innovation too pie-in-the-sky for this team!

Our Combined Experience

Video Production – 35 Years
Web Development – 30 Years
Tech Development – 30 Years
Event Production – 40 Years
Marketing & Branding – 50 Years

Meet the Team

Mike Cyr
Mike CyrOwner
Mike is the founder of a company that live streams more than 50 locations to millions of train buffs around the world. It was his success with this endeavor that made us confident in the more expansive goals of StreamTimeLIVE. A railfan himself, Mike also has a thriving business creating 3D digital content for a popular train simulator. Previously, he was part of the production team for a variety of well-known cable programs.
Kathy Abbott
Kathy AbbottOwner
Kathy is a 20-year veteran of network news. She’s produced hundreds of stories & documentaries, winning 4 Emmys along the way. As a Senior Producer of NBC Learn, Abbott helped to direct the architecture, design and development of the first interactive website to provide news archives to teachers and students. Kathy formed her own media company in 2009 to offer website development, social media integration, online marketing strategies and video production.
Robin Rinderspacher
Robin RinderspacherOwner
A native of California, Robin has over 30 years experience in Event Planning and Coordinating in Corporate America specializing in themed events. She has also consulted to Private Business, National Trade Shows and conducted product launches. Robin has planned and organized numerous civic, community and charity events along with unique outdoor weddings.
Krista Embry
Krista EmbryOwner
Founder of Impact Your Image Inc., motivational speaker, celebrity make-up artist and show host for over 20 years, Krista has worked with countless celebrities, musicians, sports icons and politicians including a President and Vice President. Her expertise and experience – both in front of the camera and behind the scenes – have allowed her to thrive in an extremely competitive career.
Justin Cornell
Justin CornellOwner
Justin has been Mike’s partner in crime for more than a decade, as the co-founder of Virtual Railfan and co-owner of Jointed Rail. He is the brains behind the technology of both companies, and will be StreamTimeLIVE’s tech guru and Macgyver as well.